Programming Legacy

Behind the scene stories by the developers of some of the most popular softwares and games.

Programming Legacy

Remember the beginning of Excel or Warcraft? Maybe you do, or maybe you weren’t born yet. Well, here are some stories that I gathered from developers who worked on old softwares and games, back when Microsoft developers had to review their project with Bill Gates himself, when Blizzard developers had to figure out multiplayer. I share with you, those stories that I’ve had the luck to find.

Joel Spolsky
Program Manager on the Excel team, Microsoft, 1991

The story of Joel, that I want to share with you, is about his first Bill Gates review, where he had to present his solution to fix the awkward programming language of Excel at the time.

Read the story

Patrick Wyatt
Producer and Lead Programmer for Warcraft, Silicon & Synapse (Blizzard), 1994

This is a story published by the original developer of Warcraft, it’s full of anecdotes, including the story of the first multiplayer test, which is hilarious.

Read the story: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

id Software
Video game company

This one isn’t a blog post by an employee, it’s a documentary made by Machinima about the history of the company that gave us Quake and Doom, it’s was really interesting to know how John Carmack was working. Did you know the story of their PC port of Mario 3?

View the documentary: YouTube playlist for the 5 episodes (Total duration is a bit above 1 hour)

That’s it for the list, I don’t have any more in stock, but I’m sure there are more, if you know of another one, please share it in the comments below, I’d love to read more of these.

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