My favorite programming websites

I want to share some of my favorite websites with you, these are not about learning how to program, but about keeping up with the technology. They are not the only ones out there, but I always read their interesting articles when they pop up in my RSS reader.

Here’s the list:

Coding Horror Coding Horror

This is the blog of Jeff Atwood, he’s a co-founder of and a co-founder of Discourse.

He posts only about once a month, but his articles are of quality, always about real, interesting and geeky subjects, since I discovered it, I never miss a post!

SitePoint SitePoint

This website has a lot of articles, but most are too specific to be useful to everyone. Once in a while an article will be specific to a subject I’m into and those are the reason I like this website, it has good info, it ranges from subjects such as programming languages to design and entrepreneurship.

Reddit Logo /r/ProgrammerHumor

When I get stuck on a bug for too long, I need to change my mind and this subreddit gets the job done. I never leave it without smiling about something I can relate to.

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