How to install an Entrust SSL Certificate with cPanel

The instructions provided by Entrust on how to install their SSL certificate are mostly about how to setup Apache directly, here I will show you a quick step by step on how to install them correctly using cPanel.

Scroll to the end for a short summary.

The first step is to create a CSR, you can create one in the cPanel by going to “Security > SSL/TSL Manager > Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)“, once this certificate is created you can provide it to Entrust during the checkout process of your certificate.

Location of the SSL section in cPanel

When your certificate will be ready, you will receive an email with a link that will have all the certificate information.

Back in the cPanel, go to “Security > SSL/TSL Manager > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)“.

In the field called “Domain“, select the domain you used during the CSR creation.

In the field “Certificate (CRT)“, paste the certificate labeled by Entrust as “Server Certificate“. Then, if you generated your CSR on that server, click on “Autofill by Certificate” (The button will appear above the text box) to fill the private key automatically, else just paste your private key in the next field.

In the last field “Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)“, you will have to paste the “Chain Certificate” (if provided, use the Root Chain + Chain combo instead) and the “Root Certificate” one under the other in the same field and in that order.

Click “Install Certificate“.

Form to enter your SSL certificates

Now you can go back on Entrust for the last step “Certificate Verification” and verify the installation.

I personally use to validate my certificate

Quick summary:

Certificate = Entrust Server Certificate
Private Key = (Auto fetch, or the private key used for the CSR)
CABUNDLE = “Entrust Root Chain” + “Entrust Chain” + “Entrust Root”

Updated: 2015-05-13

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